Sail Valet Service

We highly recommend Sail Valeting at the end of your season, removing salt and grime is essential to ensure that durability and performance is not compromised and the growth of mildew is limited, never ever store sails away which are damp .Our Valet service includes a thorough repair/checking service, every seam is individually checked for abrasion and all repairs/faults are rectified ready for a new season, washing of sails is contracted to one of the top UK specialist sail valet companies which has 25 years experience washing sails and has ISO 9001 certification, the sails are hand washed which is kinder to sails than machine washing. Sails are dispatched to Tip Top Laundry the 1st. week of February and are returned 3 weeks later.

Seal n Glide (optional)

  • Seal n Glide Coatings for your sails from Holmenkol. The ultimate in sailcloth performance finishes giving:
  • Dryer lighter sails – Very low water penetration.
  • Mildew protection – Drier sails are less likely to encourage mildew growth.
  • Tighter furling sails
  • Faster sail setting – Thanks to reduced friction.
  • Increased cloth stability.
  • Easier sail hoists.
  • Non Stick – tell tales will always fly.
  • Mildew & Green Algae protection.


Cover Valet

  • Covers cleaned from the smallest dodgers up to full winter covers and re-proofed. Sprayhoods are always treated as gently as possible, so to preserve windows and fabric
  • Covers reproofed: Silicon Coating reproofs the fabric and slows the growth of algae and mildew.
  • Ropes cleaned to remove all green algae without bleaching or stiffening making rope clean and flexible once more.